Find the Unique Proven Framework to Execute your Divinely Inspired Idea Excellently while making lasting Impact and Income...

Discover a Failproof Execution System for your Idea, including an Overwhelm Free approach for the impact and income you want to create + how to fuel and focus on the authenticity of your idea, build a platform to influence your world as light, and become a vessel of vision.

Learn how to rapidly convert instructions to live changing innovations that is birthed from a place of Intimacy!

Change your Mindset

Get Real Directions

Expand your Idea

Streamline your Focus

Intimacy Experience is a One Day In Person Experience that Equips you with Hands-On Resources to Create Innovative Impact and Income streams From your Idea.

It holds in different cities and we are coming to your city soon, Be the First to know when we come by joining the waitlist. 

All The Insight and Instructions you need to Help You Build and Launch the Confident Way.

Did you know that about 90% of Visionaries never launch out? Do you feel like you may never have the full clarity and skills you need to launch an impactful idea? Are you worried that your idea isn't as important as others or that there are a lot of people out there doing the same thing you want to start?

You've tried googling and DIYing it but you still find yourself wrapped in confusion and uncertainty?

If you feel like you are tired of having to guess what to do and what clear steps to take, Then I can help take the burden away because at Intimacy Experience, We will sit with your ideas and flesh them out into actionable plans so you can audaciously launch God sized visions.

Here's what will happen at Intimacy Experience

Ps: Don't attend if you still want to play small and procrastinate. The room will be full of people who are high achievers and we wont accommodate mediocrity.

Flesh out your idea

You will get access to a Road map that will help you expand and flesh out your idea so you can see the best possibilities in it.

focus on your idea

With Clarity, you can get rid of distractions and hindrances and you will be able to focus on the core needs of your idea.   

follow your idea

You will get access to workbooks, resources and plug and play templates that will help you follow through with your idea audaciously!

fuel your idea

Using the See, Settle, Soar Formula; You will learn how to see yourself as the man for the job and create an environment that constantly fuels what you do.

fund your idea

Influence, Impact and Income can work hand in hand and at Intimacy Experience, you will learn how to create a system that creates funds to scale your idea. 

fly your idea

Fully equipped with Scriptures and Strategies, you'll be able to fly as high as high can be with your idea because there are no limitations with a well groomed mindset.

More Than A Session, Its An Experience...

From sweet conversations to experiences to Question and Answer Sessions to Meditation and more, Its always a full room of experiences that will definitely shape you. With this edition, We will have core conversations on launching out your dreams and ideas that God has placed in your heart.

Hugs, food, connections and all happen at Intimacy Experience. Even with the virtual connect, there's room for breakout sessions where you can also bond and connect online.

Current Pricing Plan

This current price is for fast action takers as this price is subject to change.

  • In-Person Access to Intimacy Experience  + Replay Access
  • Workbook + Journaling Resources + Tools
  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Your Growth Bag



25,000/ $55

  • Full Access to Intimacy Experience Live-Streaming+ Replay Access
  • Journaling Resources + Tools
  • Access to Break out sessions plus e networking room.



15,000/ $35


In their Voices..

About 150 plus attendants in more than three cities, The story is the same and it keeps getting better. Listen to some real time feedback of previous editions and this can be your story too!

Wondering if it is Important that you Launch out?


The world needs your Idea
  • God has placed this idea and burden in your heart as an answer to Someone's prayer, Don't be an hindrance. The time to start is now. 


It is your response to the gift of God on your life
  • God has blessed you with gifts, skills, wisdom and more and the best way to show gratitude to God is to launch the impactful ideas he has given you! 


There's more to your life and you need to have an Impact Story
  • What will you want to be remembered for? More than just your regular life, you want the world to feel your impact and you can do this by launching and scaling your gifts.

This could be your Story too...

Sitting under the heavyweight insights at Intimacy Experience brought me clarity, even wisdom I didn't know would speak to where I am and where I want to be.

I knew what God would have me do and this initiative he will have me work on, but it seemed cumbersome in my head. I needed clarity of my why, how, what, even when. It was such an enriching experience for me and I had my answers delivered to me. 

The clarity and motivation you need to get on with what Abba has told you to do is on the other side of wisdom. You can get that wisdom at Intimacy Experience. You'd get more than you've paid for, your heart would bubble with light and you'll receive a fresh encounter with God's love and how it fuels you to go ahead with the ideas and visions he has given you. Please, I encourage you to make this investment in yourself and be in the room.


 I really didn't envision the idea that way, You've brought a new light to it and its quite innovative.

Before now, I didn't feel excited at the thought of what God was asking me to do. It just didn't feel like something I wanted to be associated with. I love how you were patient with my questions and you created an innovative plan on how we can make it work. It just felt like a plug and play system. Thank you, Now I have clarity on what to do.

stephanie emeghalu

God literally gave me a word that I had been trusting him for in my journal and I'm grateful for the experience.

So I had the most beautiful Saturday! Sweet sweet moments with God during Intimacy Experience and each session was a blessing. From Worship to the word to the  meditation and planning session and journaling too. God literally gave me a word that I had been trusting him with clarity for in my journal and I'm grateful for the experience. 

Salome raymond


Let me guide you on this Journey...

This is how it works at Intimacy Experience.

It covers a teaching session that is followed by Clarity exercises that help you understand your idea better. It also features Planning sessions, Illustrations and Meditation, Q and A Session and More.

Get questions on How to start, Where to Start, How to Position yourself and Even how to convince people to be champions of your idea answered.


More than having an idea, you can to come up with a framework and a messaging that will make executing it seamless. At Intimacy Experience, you'll learn how to design a frame work so you have a clear plan on how to start and grow.


If the thought of building your idea and creating a plan seems too tedious and clunky, you will delight in using the template and workbook at Intimacy Experience.  You also get to enjoy a clear overview of your idea and understand the building blocks of your idea: Who you are to serve, the impact you will make, channels(to reach out to your audience),revenue streams to fund it and more.


Launching an Idea is Challenging. You need more than just an idea or the passion to be successful. You need a comprehensive  strategy that will help bring your idea to the next level. For a divinely inspired idea, I will guide you into this strategy from a place of Intimacy with God.

Help us Decide the next City to come to. 

Should we come to your

The plan this year is to host 12-15 editions in different Cities this year and This is huge but doable because we have you. Regardless of where your city is, Join the waitlist and Indicate your Interest so you'll be the first to know when we decide to come. The budget per city is also quite high and your funds can help us make this work. Please give towards the success and help us create more Impactful editions.

Meet your  Host

Hi, I am Deborah  and I am also known as Your Journal Sister and the Visionary behind Intimacy Experience. I work as an Idea Launch Strategist helping Visionaries Build, Launch and Scale Divinely Inspired Ideas through a Fail proof and an Overwhelm Free Approach . I have spent years learning about Designing, Building and Launching Ideas and Visions while mastering how to refine them and create fail proof growth strategies for these Ideas.

2 Years ago, I set out to help Visionaries build intentional habits through Journaling and dedicated a big chunk of my time to not only understand how to Journaling works but also how to launch God sized visions and how to create Influence, Impact and Income out of it.

Intimacy Experience is one of the expressions I use to help Christians with Clarity so they can arise into the fullness of who they are and turn those ideas God has blessed them with into outstanding innovations and in turn create Impact and Income. 

Hey, It is time for you to start your own Impactful Idea and The Intimacy Experience is the One Support system you need.

I want to see you Launch and I can guide you on this Journey!

Deborah Ijeoma

Your Journal Sister

Frequently asked questions

What if I'm just starting and I don't have things figured out yet?

The best time to get help is just before you get stranded so you are just right in time and its best you get help and clarity so you don't make errors from the beginning. No matter what your niche is, or your level of experience, Intimacy Experience will expose you to fail proof strategies that are working today for you to execute and scale excellently.

Is this for Business Owners Only? Or Women Only?

No It is Not!

There are many creators, community leaders and visionaries who understand the need to be intentional about the strategies and systems they use to execute the ideas and instructions they have received.

Its open to Men and Women! We do have more women than men who attend and join the community, and that's amazing. But the experience and everything we share works with men all the time and men are always welcome.

Everything we teach in Intimacy Experience can be applied by anyone. The important thing is that you want to execute excellently and that is valid enough

How does the payment work?

Intimacy Experience is one day event and your payment is a one time payment however you can join the community which is a quarterly plan where your payments run for three months.

What if I'm not available to attend the meeting?

Intimacy Experience at the moment is hosted in different cities and you can join us in the room at the moment for your city. 

However, you can access a virtual ticket option to join us virtually from anywhere in the world.  

How does the Community work?

Community Access gives you access to Courses, tools and workshops alongside access to all other exclusive content.

You can cancel whenever you choose, we won't even attempt to stop you. However, please note that you can only cancel your subscription against the next renewal. We don't offer refunds, so your membership in the community will be active until that particular subscription you paid for is used up - no matter when you cancel.

I have a different Question

Oh that's fine, We will love to have your other questions answered. Send it to us at

The best time to Launch is now and The resources you need is here.

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