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Transformational Voice | Idea Launch Strategist |Visionary Leader | Inspirational Speaker | Capacity Builder

I am passionate about creating positive change in people's lives by igniting them to birth visions and launch innovative ideas through the power of words and personal growth.

As a transformational voice, my mission is to shift mindsets, ignite inner motivation, and guide individuals towards achieving their goals and launching impactful ideas that can transform nations. I believe that everyone has the power within them to create meaningful change and live a purposeful life. Through my work, I strive to facilitate that transformation and help others realize their true potential so they are well equipped for innovative and impact driven work.

With a deep-rooted commitment to empowering individuals, my vision is to create a ripple effect of positive change. I believe that when individuals tap into their authentic self and embrace their unique gifts, they not only elevate their own lives but also create impact that causes ripple effect and inspire others to do the same.

In this portfolio, you will discover the various ways in which I have utilized my transformational voice to make a difference. From engaging speaking engagements to transformative workshops and trainings and thought-provoking content, each aspect showcases my dedication to empowering others and creating lasting impact. This is not all encompassing but just a sneak peek into my impact story.

Transformational speaking engagements 

Captivating Audiences, Inspiring Transformation: Notable Speaking Engagements Where My Words Ignited Change

HHA Graduation Ceremony 2023

Topic: "Purpose and Its role in Launching Businesses"

Audience Size: 30+ Graduants from the Prestigious, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners.

Transformational Outcomes: My keynote speech inspired mindset shifts, fostering self-confidence and empowering attendees to pursue their dreams fearlessly and walk in purpose as they launch businesses. Many reported renewed purpose, taking action in their lives, and expressing gratitude for the impactful speech that transformed their mindset after the event.

Created to Create Conference

Topic: "Jesus, Art and Business"

Audience Size: 50+ Young Female Creatives

Transformational Outcomes: Through the panel session, These creatives gained a deeper understanding of when to persevere with a business idea during slow seasons and when it may be more prudent to pivot or explore new opportunities.  Attendees were encouraged to reflect on their own creative businesses and assess their strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement during slow business seasons. They gained insights into identifying opportunities for innovation, refining their value proposition, and enhancing their competitive advantage. 

Pink Girls Conference Tour

Topic: "Grit and Resilience, Key Ingredients on your Roadmap to Success"

Audience Size: 150+ Young Female Students, and School Leaders

Transformational Outcomes: During my session, I delivered an inspiring talk on the importance of grit and resilience in navigating the journey to success. Through personal anecdotes and practical strategies, I motivated students to persevere in the face of adversity considering they were growing up in low income communities, embrace failures as learning opportunities, and maintain a growth mindset. The session sparked a sense of determination and self-belief among attendees, empowering them to overcome obstacles and stay committed to their goals. 

Physical Workshop and Intercity Programs:

Intimacy Experience Abuja Edition

 A highly interactive workshop designed to empower Christian Visionaries with practical tools and strategies for birthing and building solution inspired ideas.

Key Skills Developed: Self-confidence, goal-setting, strategic launch planning, and mindset transformation.

Intimacy Experience Lagos

An immersive workshop designed to enhance the I CAN DO IT spirit and foster a growth-oriented mindset among participants through Journaling and a Deeper awareness of Gods love for them.

Key Skills Developed: Self Empowerment, Growth Mindset, Self Reflection, and Goal Setting.

Intimacy Experience PH City

Identity Reorientation Program

 A comprehensive training program focused on building a healthy mindset in attendees and showing them best ways to assess current skills and situations to launch divinely inspired ideas while grooming resilience and coping skills to thrive on their launch journey

Key Skills Developed: Skill and Strength management, Self Awareness and Identity Building, adaptability, and problem-solving..

Virtual Workshops and Training

Through my expertise in facilitating workshops and training programs, I am committed to empowering visionaries to turn their ideas into impactful and influential products, programs or platforms. With a track record of delivering transformative experiences and receiving positive feedback from participants, I continue to make a significant impact in the realm of idea launch and innovation.

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Ignite Workshop is an immersive workshop designed to guide participants through the journey of transforming their ideas into tangible and successful ventures. Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, and expert guidance, participants gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively launch their ideas in the marketplace. Participants develop a strategic roadmap for their idea launch, including setting SMART goals, identifying potential obstacles, and crafting actionable steps to overcome them.


The "Defined Life Bootcamp" is a comprehensive 4-week training program designed to guide participants in creating a life that aligns with their true purpose and values. Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, and personalized guidance, participants gain the clarity, confidence, and tools to live a defined and meaningful life. Participants engage in self-reflection exercises and explore their strengths, skills, and areas for growth. They develop a deeper understanding of themselves and uncover their true potential.

Purpose Roadmap: Navigating Your True Calling

The "Purpose Roadmap" workshop is a transformative experience designed to guide participants on a journey of self-discovery, helping them uncover their true purpose and create a roadmap to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Through interactive sessions, reflective exercises, and practical tools, participants gain clarity on their passions, values, and unique gifts, allowing them to align their actions with their purpose. Participants engage in introspective exercises and guided reflections to gain deeper insights into their core values, passions, and strengths. They uncover their unique purpose and understand how it can contribute to their personal and professional lives.

Attendees speak about the the Impact of the Virtual Training

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She deconstructed the concept of purpose and made me stop worrying about it...


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I understood how to walk in the right timing of my assignment and be content in different seasons...


Community Engagement and Impact

In this section, I proudly showcase my dedication to community engagement and the profound impact it has on the lives of individuals and communities. Through meaningful partnerships and initiatives, I strive to uplift and empower those around me, creating positive change and fostering a sense of belonging.

While these engagements are a testament to my commitment to community empowerment, they represent just a glimpse of my broader involvement. I am actively engaged in various community-driven initiatives, striving to make a positive impact wherever possible. Together, let us create a better tomorrow by investing in the well-being and growth of individuals, one community at a time.

Engaging Future Leaders: Empowering Secondary School Students through Outreach and Journal Giveaways

As part of my commitment to community engagement and nurturing the next generation of leaders, I had the privilege of partnering with a local outreach program for secondary school students. This initiative aimed to inspire and empower young minds by providing them with valuable tools for self-reflection and personal growth.

Through my speaking skills, I had the opportunity to address these bright young individuals, sharing insights and stories that encouraged them to embrace their dreams, overcome challenges, and believe in their potential. It was a joy to witness their enthusiasm and curiosity as they actively participated in interactive discussions and activities.

To further support their personal development journey, I distributed journals to the students. These journals serve as a tangible resource for self-expression, goal-setting, and reflection. By providing them with a platform to document their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, I aimed to foster a sense of self-awareness, resilience, and clarity in their journey towards success.

"Transforming Lives through Collaborative Community Engagement: Empowering Sex Workers for Lasting Change"

As a passionate advocate for community empowerment and social impact, I believe in the transformative power of collaboration and partnership. In my commitment to making a difference, I recently forged a meaningful partnership with a respected NGO that focuses on reaching out to sex workers and providing them with essential support.

Through this collaboration, I had the honor of donating 100 copies of our empowering resources to their important project. By providing these journals, we aimed to inspire and uplift the lives of sex workers, fostering personal growth, self-reflection, and empowerment.

This initiative not only exemplifies my dedication to community engagement but also showcases the positive impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together to create change. By extending our support to this marginalized community, we are working towards building a more inclusive and empowered society.

Content Creation and Thought Leadership

By curating compelling content and demonstrating thought leadership, I strive to make a positive impact in the lives of my audience. Through videos, collaborations, and social media presence, I aim to inspire, educate, and empower individuals on their personal growth journeys

You can watch some compelling content below and be inspired.

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The Superpower Called Journaling...

At YourJournalSister , we believe in the transformative power of journaling. We understand that our lives are filled with stories waiting to be told, ideas waiting to be explored, and dreams waiting to be realized. That's why we have created a collection of beautifully crafted journals that serve as gateways to self-discovery, personal growth, and meaningful connections.

Through the art of journaling, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity. Our journals are more than just blank pages; they are a canvas for your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Each journal is thoughtfully designed to inspire and empower you to unlock your true potential, tap into your inner wisdom, and bring your ideas to life. Tap the arrow button to learn more about our Journals.

Intimacy Journal
Intimacy Journal (Pastel Edition)
Business Journal 

 video interview 

Media Recognitions

One of the Fastest Growing Logistics Company in Africa, Topship, Asked me to share my Impact Journey and Story in a video interview.

Online Publication

Deborah Ijeoma Idea Launch Strategist

SHOWUP HQ Asked...

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

Looking at the impact I've been able to make in such a short while, this can majorly be linked to constant learning and always giving myself permission to reinvent myself. I've read books, signed up for programs, taken courses, and crafted a fueling routine. This has allowed me to create influence, impact, and generate Income to support the things I care about.

They Say

What They Say

Sometimes, the key to your next level or freedom lies in having a heartfelt conversation with someone who's got experience, and wisdom.

Before working with YourJournalSister, I had the mindset that my fulfilment and relevance in life was tied to the amount of money I had. This made me place less value and worth on myself since I haven't acquired the level of wealth I consider to be what will make me level up, and find fulfilment and satisfaction in life

My basic fear was that I wasn't getting younger and I believed, that I needed to catch up and be relevant and independent as soon as possible.

I was stuck with, and so exhausted from playing God's role in my life for a long time. This frustrated me and hindered me from aligning myself with God's will for my life; and also leaning on Him as my sustainer and rewarder (my source). However, I know better now, and I am grateful and super excited for what the Lord is set to do in and through my life with this Idea he has placed in my heart and I know just how to execute it. 

Sometimes, the key to your next level or freedom lies in having a heartfelt conversation with someone who's got experience, and wisdom. Someone who would listen to your perspective without judging you, and help you see life through God's lens. Your Journal Sister Idea  session will do all these and more. Don't sleep on this one! Take hold of the opportunity and you'll be grateful you did.


I am an overthinker, so it was refreshing to hear you nullify all my fears and excuses/hesitations with practicable this coaching session that I could do straight away. I literally have no excuses. I am excited to proceed and execute my ideas.

Working with YourJournalSister is worth the investment. It will help you on your journey, This will be someone holding your hands every step of the way

kemi ashamu

I have been in an interesting season and these modules in your training has stirred me for what God has created me for. I'm excited to use up all God has put in me. I noticed Medical school has trained us to follow one path to becoming a consultant. With this bootcamp, I've quickly realized that there's more to me than my career path. I had always wanted to inspire people to pursue personal growth and I was hesitant in the past but not anymore. With my new knowledge, I've gone ahead to launch my YouTube channel to teach and inspire people


More Beneficiaries Speak

Success stories and feedback like this speak volumes about the transformative impact of my work and idea launch strategies. I take pride in my ability to guide individuals and visionaries in bringing their ideas to life and achieving remarkable results. Watch these videos to discover what satisfied clients and beneficiaries have to say about their experiences working with me as they share their journey of growth, success, and fulfillment.

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Meet Kema, a passionate entrepreneur with a dream of starting her own fashion line. In our 360 session, we dove deep into her vision, clarifying her ideas and creating a comprehensive plan for a successful launch. Together, we mapped out the essential steps, identified potential challenges, and crafted strategies to overcome them. By the end of our session, Kema left with a clear and actionable plan, filled with confidence and excitement to bring her fashion line to life. Watch her testimonial to see her reaction and how our session empowered her to confidently take the leap and turn her dream into a thriving reality

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Meet Heaven, a visionary who aspired to launch a thriving community and host a remarkable physical event. Initially, he was filled with fear and skepticism about the process. However, I helped transformed his outlook and ignited his confidence. Through our work together, we navigated the intricacies of community building and event planning, addressing his concerns and mapping out a strategic roadmap. Witness Heaven's testimonial as he shares how we empowered him to overcome his doubts, unlock his true potential, and create a vibrant community that exceeded all expectations.

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Meet Iysi, a fashion style connoisseur with an unwavering passion for bringing her unique vision to life. As her Launch Strategist, we embarked on a journey to refine her ideas and launch a remarkable fashion platform. Through our collaboration, Iysi experienced a remarkable transformation that redefined her path to success.

Together, we explored the intricacies of the fashion industry, refining her concepts and strategies to align with her vision. With our guidance, Iysi harnessed her expertise and unleashed her creative potential, elevating her fashion platform to new heights.

In Iysi's testimonial, she shares how working with me not only refined her fashion vision but also instilled a newfound confidence in her abilities. Through our work, Iysi discovered her unique voice and style, creating a brand that resonates with her audience on a profound level.


Why I Do What I Do: 

Empowering Visionaries: Unleashing Potential for Success

I am passionate about empowering visionaries to unlock their full potential and achieve success in their chosen paths. I firmly believe that everyone has unique talents, dreams, and aspirations that deserve to be nurtured and realized. By providing guidance, support, and strategic tools, I help visionaries navigate the complexities of idea launch, fostering an environment where their dreams flourish and possibilities become limitless.

Transformation and Growth: Turning Doubts into Determination

Witnessing the transformation of individuals is what fuels my drive. I am inspired by the resilience and unwavering spirit of those who dare to dream and refuse to settle for mediocrity. Through our collaboration, I guide them in overcoming doubts, clarifying their vision, and mapping out a strategic roadmap. Together, we navigate the intricacies of personal and professional growth, empowering them to unlock their true potential, gain confidence, and achieve remarkable success.

Collaborative Partnership: Building Bridges to Success

Collaboration lies at the heart of my approach. I believe that great achievements are seldom the result of individual efforts alone. By fostering a partnership built on trust, respect, and shared vision, I create an environment where dreams thrive. Together, we navigate challenges, explore innovative solutions, and celebrate achievements. Through our collaborative journey, we not only launch ideas but also build meaningful connections and lifelong relationships.

Impactful Change: Making a Difference in the World

My work extends beyond individual success; it aims to create a ripple effect of positive change in communities and beyond. I am driven by a deep sense of purpose to empower visionaries who not only achieve their own aspirations but also become catalysts for greater transformation. By unlocking their potential and fostering a harmonious balance between ambition and well-being, I strive to create a world brimming with innovation, compassion, and lasting impact.

My Impact Method


Visionary Alignment Method:
  • Clarity and Vision Alignment: Helping visionaries gain a clear understanding of their ideas and align them with their broader vision.
  • Strategic Roadmapping: Developing a customized roadmap that outlines the necessary steps and milestones for idea implementation.
  • Customized Guidance and Support: Providing personalized strategies, tools, and frameworks to address specific challenges and foster strengths.


Collaborative Networking Method:
  • Collaboration and Networking: Facilitating connections and collaborations between visionaries and relevant stakeholders for partnerships and mentorship.
  • Mindset and Empowerment: Nurturing a growth mindset and empowering visionaries to overcome self-limiting beliefs and doubts.
  • Evaluation and Iteration: Encouraging regular evaluation of progress, celebrating milestones, and embracing an iterative mindset for continuous improvement.
  • 03.

    Impact-driven Leadership Method:
    • Amplifying Influence: Helping visionaries leverage their unique strengths, talents, and ideas to create positive change and influence.
    • Community Engagement: Facilitating community engagement initiatives and fostering meaningful connections between visionaries and their communities.
    • Sustainable Impact: Emphasizing long-term impact and empowering visionaries to create sustainable solutions that address societal challenges.

    Key expressions of My Impact

    Personalized Coaching and capacity building:

    • One-on-One Guidance: Receive one-on-one guidance tailored to your unique goals and challenges, as we work together to clarify your ideas, overcome obstacles, and develop actionable plans. In my Idea Strategy session, We can walk into Clarity and Create Concise steps. 
    • Transformative Capacity Building: Join my structured EXECUTAP program that combine strategic guidance, accountability, and ongoing support, empowering you to navigate your idea launch journey with confidence and purpose.

    Engaging Workshops and Training Programs:

  • Ignite Your Potential: Participate in interactive workshops and training programs designed to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and strategies for successful idea launch.
  • Empowering Capacity Building: Embrace personal growth and mindset development through transformative experiences that enhance your leadership potential and drive lasting change.
  • Collaborative Consulting and Partnerships:

    • Amplify Your Ideas: Engage in collaborative consulting sessions, where we dive deep into your vision, refine your ideas, identify opportunities, and craft comprehensive launch strategies.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Join forces with me and tap into strategic partnerships with influential visionaries, organizations, and networks to leverage collective resources and maximize your impact.

    Inspirational Keynote Speaking:

  • Fuel Your Inspiration: Experience the power of motivational storytelling and thought-provoking insights as I deliver impactful keynote speeches at events, conferences, or webinars.
  • Empower Your Audience: Through my journey of transformation and success, I inspire and motivate others to embrace their ideas, take action, and create a positive impact.
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